About us

Third Step, a concern of Fortune Tech LTD has just started its journey in Bangladesh with a view to providing the best experience with your shoes that no one could imagine before.

We decided to launch the shoe line under a different tag in Bangladesh offering not just sports shoes but any kind of shoes for every group of people under one roof. Third Step is an online shoe store where you can try them live before buying them!

Offering customers a variety of designs and a wide range of sizes at an affordable price is our main goal. Struggling to find sizes to match with a design has always been a difficult and challenging task in our footwear market. Either you have to compromise with your size, your preferred design or quality. And even if it is a perfect match between size and design, then it is going to take a big toll on your pocket.


Third Step is a brand that symbolizes unique craftsmanship, finest quality and perfection in size and design. Every step will give you the feeling that the shoe you have worn is only crafted for you. Also, durability, extraordinary craftsmanship and affordability; every brand element remains true to our design philosophy.

Looking good and feeling confident is needed to all because fashion is what inspires you. So, at Third Step, no matter if you are a man, woman, youth, toddler or elderly, you won’t return empty-handed.


Because we strongly believe, fashion is for all and age is just a number! So, bringing all types of shoes for every age and tastes which are affordable and superior in quality under one store is what we are working hard for.

Because we know, every step that matters and discovers a new story which takes you forward!

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